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1100 Aluminum Plate

1100 aluminum plate, also known as 1100 aluminum composite panel, belongs to the pure aluminum plate series, its strength is relatively low, and the content of aluminum exceeds 99%. Tensile can reach 110-136 Mpa.

Product Description

1100 Aluminum Plate is precisely been used in various industries requiring a high level of ductility, flexibility, and corrosion-resistant. Aluminum and its alloys possess greater and strong corrosion resistance toward acid and other acidic solutions. The alloy is said to be highly sensitive at an elevated temperature ranging somewhat between 200°-250° C or 392-482° Fahrenheit. It may lose its strength due to a harsh and tough environment. However, it is said that the strength can be increased accordingly at subzero temperatures thus making it an ideal alloy for low temperatures.

Specifications of 1100 Aluminum Tread Plate

  • Thickness: 1.5 mm-4 mm

  • Width: 200 mm-2250 mm

  • Length: Coil or as required

  • Temper: H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, O temper

Advantages of 1100 Aluminum Plate

  1. Lightweight

  2. 99% pure aluminum

  3. Easy anodizing and coloring

  4. Smooth surface

Features of 1100 Aluminum Plate


Due to exceptional strength, the 1100 aluminum plate has good machinability. It can be shown up when it is machined in a harder temper. High-speed tooling, as well as carbide tooling, can be used effectively on it. Oil lubricants are used in case heavy cuts are drawn.


Both cold, as well as hot forming, get performed easily on 1100 aluminum plates. In annealed conditions, it can be worked extensively with cold methods.


Using the entire range of conventional methods, it can be welded using suitable AL 1100 consumable electrodes.


1100 aluminum plate can be forged without any difficulty.

Hot and cold working

The aluminum alloy works tremendously in both cold as well as hot conditions. Thus it can be spun, drawn, or bent well. Due to its easy-on-eye machinability, forming, welding, forging, and hot & cold working, it is used in sheet-related work in top industries.

3003 6061 Aluminum plate


  1. Used as building decoration materials, indoor and outdoor decoration, curtain wall

  2. Heat sinks, caps, printing boards

  3. Advertising signs, road marks

  4. Heat exchanger

3003 6061 Aluminum plate

Product Packaging

3003 6061 Aluminum plate




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