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API 5L Line Pipe

Petroleum casing API 5L line pipe, divided into PSL1 and PSL2 types. Pipeline pipe is to pump out the ground oil, steam, water, through the pipeline pipeline transmission to the oil and natural gas industry enterprises. Pipeline pipe includes seamless pipe and welded steel pipe, the pipe end has a flat end, threaded end and socket end; The connection mode is welding, collar connection, socket connection and so on.

Product Description

An understanding of the planned end use and desired method of pipe fabrication is a necessary prerequisite for selecting the appropriate material specification, pipe grade, special requirement (ASTM), API 5L product service level (PSL), API 5L Annex Requirement or CSA Z245.1 category or service group.

*U. S. Steel Tubular Products ERW pipe is HFW as defined by API 5L.

API 5L Line Pipe Comparative Specifications

The information here is summarized from ASTM Standards and API Specification 5L. Please see the specific standards for more information.

  • API Specification 5L PSL 1 and PSL 2 Comparison information.

  • Chemical Requirements for API 5L steel pipe
    API 5L Specifications covers seamless and welded pipe suitable for use in conveying gas, water, oil, and other liquefied media. The attached requirements cover our offering of API 5L 45th Ed, PSL 1 Seamless and Welded; API 5L 45th Ed PSL 2 Seamless & Welded; and API 5L 45th Ed PSL2 Welded only.

  • Tensile Properties for seamless and welded API 5L steel pipe
    U. S. Steel Tubular Products tensile properties data for seamless and welded API 5L steel pipe API 5L 45th Ed PSL 1, PSL 2.

  • Testing Requirements for seamless and welded API 5L steel pipe
    U. S. Steel and mechanical testing information for all sizes and grades covered by the specification.

  • Permissible Variations for seamless and welded API 5L steel pipe

  • Marking Requirements
    Paint-stenciled or die-stamped manufacturer’s name or mark, Spec 5L, size, weight per foot, grade, process of manufacture, type of steel, length (NPS 4 and larger only). Test pressure when higher than tabulated (NPS 2 and larger only).

  • Supplemental Annexes for API 5L seamless and welded steel pipe
    API Specification 5L contains 15 Supplemental Annexes that address special conditions and/or additional requirements.

    Product Parameters:

API 5L Product parameters

U. S. Steel API 5L steel pipe offering

Grade designations of API 5L Line pipe produced by U. S. Steel Tubular Products come from the American Petroleum Institute (API) Spec 5L Specification for line pipe. U. S. Steel currently produces 9 grades of API 5L line pipe:

  • API 5L B

  • API 5L X42

  • API 5L X46

  • API 5L X52

  • API 5L X56

  • API 5L X60

  • API 5L X65

  • API 5L X70

  • API 5L X80




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